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documentary film produced by Ladybirds – Aired on FRANCE 5 at 25/11/2016

Written and directed by Laurent Chalet & Anne-Sylvie Meyza / Production Ladybirds

En Mongolie, un jeune chaman entreprend un voyage initiatique pour résoudre un dilemme auquel il est confronté: son père creuse la terre pour trouver de l’or et faire vivre sa famille. Mais en Mongalie, on ne creuse pas la terre impunément, car c’est la demeure des esprits.

Test Services

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VS. produces and helps others produce documentary films, short dramas, art films, web series and corporate films; promoting new visual and narrative experiences such as interactive programs, AR and VR. Throughout the years VS. has developed a large network of talent and crew both in France and the US and is available to provide production services in both countries.

Le Monument

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Celebrating Francois Mitterand’s 100th anniversary, here is the trailer of the documentary film that was made in 1996 on the making of the bronze sculpture of the President and his dog, near Latche, by Jacques Raoult. The film shows all the process, from first sketches up to the inauguration day in Soustons.

Directed by Xavier Cantal