Chase Gouin

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Demo from BMX master Chase Gouin – Short film

Directed by Xavier Cantal-Dupart

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Dit Violent

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Novel by Mohamed Razane

published by Gallimard

“Dit Violent » is a novel written by Mohamed Razane originally published by VS. It is followed by « Les silences d’Aicha » (prize APAC 2002) and « Garde à vue ».« Dit Violent” was later published by Gallimard in the prestigious Collection Blanche.

Mohamed Razane was born in 1968 in Casablanca, Morroco. He lives in Seine Saint Denis since the age of 9. Actor, play writer, theater director, he works as a social worker in the outskirts of Paris.

La balade d’Abdel K

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Short fiction film shot in Super-8 featuring Mohamed Razanne and Ashka Schzuber.

Director: Lionel Brouet

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Portrait of Polish born photographer Bogdan Konopka

Directed by Marine Tadié

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Tambours sacrés (Sacred Drums)

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Documentary film about the impact of Afro-Cuban sacred music and Santeria on young people in Cuba.

Directed by Lionel Brouet & Xavier Cantal Depart

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Documentary film on Australian writer and poet Christopher Barnett

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100 ans d’urbanisme

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100 ans d’urbanisme français – Le Chemin du siècle

Conçu par Xavier et Michel Cantal-Dupart, mise en image pas Felix et Gilles Rousseau

« Le Chemin du Siècle » est le récit de 100 ans d’urbanisme en France à partir de la création de la SFU en 1911. Conçu par Xavier et Michel Cantal-Dupart, mise en image pas Felix et Gilles Rousseau, 40 panneaux sur “Kakémono Grand Format » forment une exposition itinérante inaugurée au Palais d’Iéna dans la grande salle hypostyle d’Auguste Perret.

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